For you to be successful in purchasing your home and for me to be the best at what I do to help I surround myself with like minded people. The awesome people will help in their part of your sale or purchase.



Home inspectors are an extremely important part of our team. A good qualified home inspector can and will give you peace of  mind in your home purchase or your pre-inspection report for sellers. Below are a list of my favorites:

Jeff Ferguson at Home Safe n Sound

Ryan at Quantum Property Inspections

Jesse Fox at FXC Inspections


Step one of your purchase is a full pre approval from your mortgage specialist. You have a choice of either your bank or a broker. Either works but below are a few of our favorite independent brokers:

Brandi Pierik at Dominion Lending

Brenda MacKay at Mortgage Alliance

Cheryl Kowalsky at Red Deer Mortgage Lending




Lawyers are the final step in your real estate experience. They will go over all the paperwork, make sure all is good and finalize the transfer of ownership from the sellers to the buyers. This is a simplified description but the lawyers below will take great care of you.

Brad Balon at Johnson Ming Manning

David Brant at Altalaw Law

Christopher or Jennifer at JD Law

Corey Gish at Gish Law